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19. Januar 2014

Lots of issues fixed

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I worked a lot on fixing smaller and bigger issues while testing the PlugIns without a GUI.

Most important:

  • Loading and storing parameters now works correct and allows to load the parameters even in later versions of the PlugIns with more parameter of changed parameter ranges.
  • The PlugIns now can switch from stereo/stereo to mono/mono operation.
  • The PlugIns now announce all properties like latency, tail … correct to the host.

Next I will add a new (still blue) custom GUI to the PlugIns. Today I started with adding a GUI to the chorus. I got a very ugly one finished and I work right now on getting all functions correct. When I’m a little closer to the desired look and more functional I will divide the editor code into a common part for all PlugIns and a special part, which needs to be adapted for each PlugIn, like it is done now for the processor and controller part.

5. Januar 2014

All processing ported

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Today I finished the processing part of the last PlugIn. All BlueLine effects can now operate as VST3 plugin without custom editor and seem to produce meaningfull sound. There are still a few open Points, bofore I can start working on a new GUI. First I have to fix some small glitches with the Parameter Interface, then I need to look into some VST3 Features, which are now implemented very rough.

1. Januar 2014

Happy new year

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I updated the main page to reflect the current work on the BlueLine PlugIns. The page is in not much better shape than the currently half converted PlugIns, but I uploaded the new pages anyway, since it is better than nothing and I will concentrate on the programming first and then sometime later will work additionally on a better Homepage.

31. Dezember 2013

Only little progress around Christmas

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In the last days I spend most time celebrating Christmas with my childs and parents. Anyway I found some time to continue and I transferred most of the processing code and adapted it to the new structure.
I have now a better understanding of the VST3 details and will next refine parameter handling and add some code to handle new VST3 functionality.

21. Dezember 2013

Defined all parameters

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Today I finished the definition of all parameters for all current BlueLine plugins. In this first phase the plugins don’t have an editor window, but use the default GUI of the host application. So some special handling of Parameters that was part of the old GUI is now missing.

Next step will be to transfer all the processing code into the new VST3 structure. I guess this will be more work than defining the Parameters.

17. Dezember 2013

Started VST3 Version of BlueLine PlugIns

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After a long time of absence from programming for music I started again today. I downloaded the new 3.6.0 Version of the SDK and compiled some of the samples. As second step I setup most of the structure to compile the BlueLine PlugIns and looked at defining the Parameters.

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